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The success of the BULL Turbo range.

Since its introduction to the UK market in 2018, the Turbo range of sliding gate operators has proved to be a very valuable asset in the armoury of Beninca UK’s automation products. With opening speeds of up to double that of the existing BULL range, motors bearing the ‘turbo’ symbol have opened up a whole new market of customers requiring sliding gate motors that are quick, reliable, and most of all safe. Over the past three years, it really has been a product that has sold itself for us and much like some of our larger sliding gate operators, its reputation precedes itself.

The BULL624 and BULL1224 turbo not only boast new high-speed 24v motors but benefit from a new redesigned horizontal panel making installation and servicing far more accessible for the installer. With this new chassis comes a neatly thought out housing designed for battery up if required. If you choose to not use the battery backup, then you have gained a good amount of space for housing any additional accessories you might need – everyone knows what a premium space is under the lid of a sliding gate motor! The control panel comes with all the usual inputs as found on the rest of our low voltage BULL range but has the addition of being able to integrate into home automation systems using the KNX protocol, as well as a new innovative master and slave input with the addition of the SIS accessories.

As with any fast-moving motor, people will always question the safety element. “How can you get a motor moving that quick to comply with current regulations?” With thanks to the control panels ‘virtual’ encoder, the motors amperometric sensing, and pairing that with an 8K2 input you have all the tools at your disposal to meet modern safety requirements.

The TURBO motors have been a revelation for the sliding gate range at Beninca UK and they show no sign of slowing down yet.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding our turbo range, please do get in contact and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you, just call on 01488 658 276.

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