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CAB: More than Automation

Benincà’s growth has been exceptional over the past 40 years, and today the company encompasses the Benincà Group, which is made up of six individual companies; Benincà, CAB, Hi Motions, Rise, BYou, and myone 

Benincà Group was formed over time to respond to the ever-changing demands and requirements of the automation industry. The individual companies that fall under the Group, each specialise in different products, whilst also sharing skills, know-how, and experience from across the board. Today, I am keen to draw your attention to the original and first company to join the Benincà Group, which is CAB 

CAB incorporates three product lines which were all created at the factory in Velo D’Astico, in Italy. The three categories are motors for shutters, hydraulic actuators for swing gates, and motors for awnings and blinds. 


The design phase of product begins at the Benincà Group R&D Department. Once complete, the product will then undergo extensive testing, and only after the product has been approved and validated, will it go into production at the stand-alone CAB factory. All of this, then allows us to proudly state our products are certified as ‘Made in Italy’.



The products that fall under the CAB brand all stem from Benincà‘s passion, innovation, and Italian-made quality. This is what makes CAB, more than automation.

If you are keen to find out more details about the specific products that fall under CAB, please do simply get in touch. 

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