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Meeting the Market’s Needs

Meeting the needs of the customer is key to our continued success, by Jamie Berry

History tells us that sliding gate motors have been at the forefront of all things Benincà. Just over forty years ago, Aldo and Luigi Beninca, two brothers designed and manufactured their first product. Whilst working at the family farm, the creation of a rack and pinion motor to move a sliding gate was the beginning of Automatismi Beninca Spa. 

In 2020 we now produce 30 different variations of sliding gate motors to suit the needs of installing customers all around the world from small domestic gates to very large heavy-duty commercial products, with the power to move sliding gates with a weight up to 4500Kg. 

Since we opened our doors here in the UK in 2010, we have experienced year on year growth in every one of those ten years, and whilst a lot of hard work and commitment has gone into the cause, having the best product for the job has been the key contributor. 

I refer to products such as the BISON25OTI which we launched into the market in 2013, offering a combination of high quality and high performance in a truly commercial sliding gate motor. With the introduction and innovation of inverter technology, the BISON very quickly built a reputation all over the UK bringing us new customers and helping to grow our business ever since. 

Now, more so than ever, it is important that we continue to meet the needs of the installer in providing new products that repeat the core focus of high quality and high performance. The latest product to proudly bear the family surname is the Beninca BULL17OMI for industrial use for gates that weigh up to 1700Kg. 

Such was the success of certain features of the BISON25OTI motor, the BULL17OMI has been designed using the same base plate and footprint as the larger BULL motors such as 10M, 15M and 20HE, but this time, a brand new control panel boasts an integrated inverter. The inverter technology gives the installer complete flexibility in the control of the motor frequency up to 120Hz. This results in, not only digital control of motor speeds but also the acceleration and deceleration resulting in the perfect platform for a smooth and safe gate.  

Whilst the inverter becomes a functional tool for achieving gate safety compliance, the accurate speed regulation ultimately reduces the mechanical stress on the motor, thus increasing the life span of the actuator. In addition, the BULL17OMI also has oil lubricated gears and a virtual encoder which constantly measures the offset between currents. All the above represents the ideal solution in contexts characterised by an intensive use. 

Meeting the needs of the installer in this way, not only with detailed product features but also fantastic value for money, this new motor adds even more strength to the full portfolio of products sold by Beninca UK. 

With our BULL170OMI based down in our demonstration and testing area, why not book a visit and come and see for yourself. Our team would be more than happy to run you through all the features as touched upon above and we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

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Author – Jamie Berry


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