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Case Study featuring the Maximum M30 Crash Tested Bollards

MAXIMUM M30 Crash Tested Bollards, Case Study

Optus Stadium security enhancement with MAXIMUM M30 crash-tested bollards.



Optus Stadium, located in Perth, Western Australia, stands as a premier multi-purpose venue with a capacity of 60,000 seats, hosting a diverse range of major national and international sporting and entertainment events throughout the year.


Security analysis prompted by global events:

All stadiums now face heightened security challenges, particularly in the wake of incidents in Europe where terrorists used vehicles as weapons, causing extensive damage and loss of life. Consequently, the implementation of comprehensive security measures at major public venues has become a global priority.


Projects of security improvements:

It was noted that the originally installed bollards were found to be ‘not rated’ for effectively stopping a fast-moving vehicle. This was one part of the project that was easily addressed by the procurement team looking to specify certificated crash-tested bollards.


Elevated threat level and response:

In response to evolving global threats, the risk assessment for a vehicle attack was upgraded from “Medium” to “High.” This heightened security concern prompted proactive measures to enhance the stadium’s protective infrastructure.


Strategic installation of MAXIMUM M30 crash-tested bollards:

As a result of the security review findings, Optus Stadium undertook a strategic initiative to bolster its security apparatus. Twelve MAXIMUM M30 bollards were selected and installed. These bollards were chosen for their outstanding crash-test ratings and certifications.


Unrivalled protection:

The deployed RISE MAXIMUM M30 bollards now provide unparalleled protection to Optus Stadium. Specifically designed to withstand the impact of a 7,500kg vehicle travelling at a speed of 48 km/h, these bollards ensure the highest level of security under the most extreme conditions. The implementation of these measures underscores Optus Stadium’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its patrons and participants during events.


A big congratulations to Sec-Pro Security, based in Western Australia, for their remarkable installation work! Truly Impressive! And a big thank you to our friends at Beninca Australia, who support us from across the globe.


You can download the full case study here: Maximum M30 Crash Tested Bollards | Case Study

To find out more information about the MAXIMUM M30 bollards which deliver unrivalled protection even under the most extreme measures, view the following link: FIND OUT MORE.


Capable of withstanding the impact of a vehicle of 7,500kg, launched at a speed of 48 km/h, the MAXIMUM M30 performed outstandingly in its rigorous crash test, earning it prestigious certifications. Elevate your security with the extraordinary MAXIMUM M30 crash-tested bollard.

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