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Benincà Proper Job Install – September 2023

Proper Job Install – September 2023


Electric Gate Solutions is a leading provider of automated access solutions, specializing in electric gates, barriers, and much more. With over a decade of experience in the access automation industry, they are recognized for their expertise in delivering tailored solutions that meet their clients’ exact needs.

For their recent project in Norwich, Electric Gate Solutions was tasked with creating a secure perimeter for a new car showroom. The primary objective was to protect high-value vehicles and ensure comprehensive security. To achieve this, Electric Gate Solutions installed three electric sliding gates and a 7-meter automatic barrier.



Remarkably, Electric Gate Solutions reported no significant challenges during the project, which was completed in just three days. They attributed this smooth execution to their choice of Benincà products, as quoted by Stephen Roberts, Director at Electric Gate Solutions Ltd ‘Benincà products are known for their reliability and user-friendly features’.



Electric Gate Solutions opted for Benincà BULL1524 sliding gate motors to power the three sliding gates. These motors are ideal for this application, capable of handling gates weighing up to 1500kg. The BULL1524 features a 24 Vdc gear motor with an integral full feature control unit, a virtual encoder, and amperometric sensing for obstacle detection. Notably, the virtual encoder ensures precise management of slow-down phases, while the self-programming function simplifies installation.

In addition to the sliding gates, Electric Gate Solutions installed the Benincà EVA 7M Road Barrier. This intensive-use 24 Vdc barrier is equipped with a control unit featuring an integrated radio receiver and absolute encoder, a built-in battery charger, and optional accessories with includes lights in the boom and barrier case. The EVA barrier is fantastic value for money with a high spec within its barrier category.



Electric Gate Solutions successfully met the project’s objectives by implementing a gate and barrier system that enhances security and controls authorized access to the site. Stephen Roberts, Director at Electric Gate Solutions Ltd, confirmed that the client was highly satisfied with the project’s outcome, including the product quality and on-time completion.

We’re pleased to award Electric Gate Solutions with our September Proper Job award for this outstanding installation.

For those in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area seeking to enhance the security of their homes, businesses, or organizations, we highly recommend reaching out to Electric Gate Solutions. You can find their full contact details on their website:


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