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Get to Know | Jack Crawford

Get to know | Jack Crawford

Meet Jack Crawford, our Assistant Manager at Beninca UK. Jack plays a pivotal role, overseeing tasks such as processing sales quotations and orders and managing customer accounts. His responsibilities extend beyond the office, as he frequently hits the road to visit customers, providing them with the latest company and product updates. Additionally, Jack is a valuable member of both the management and marketing teams, contributing to and supporting these departments daily. This week, we sat down with Jack and threw 10 random questions his way, giving you the chance to get to know him better and catch a glimpse of his personality. Jack reveals the messiest colleague in the office and chooses between Playlists or Podcasts!

  1. What is your favourite thing about working at Beninca UK?

There’s a lot! The banter in the office is always good fun, no one takes themselves too seriously. The job has also taken me to places you wouldn’t normally travel to, within the UK and abroad. The towns around Sandrigo where our HQ is are amazing, sat in the foothills of the mountains.

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If you had asked me this when I was 18, I would have said Queenstown, New Zealand without question. I feel the UK still has a lot to offer though, so maybe Devon with a few acres of land.

  1. Do you have any pets?

Yes – against my will. A ginger cat called Otto and a golden retriever/labrador cross called Blue. However, hugely fond of both of them now.

  1. Playlists or Podcasts?

Podcasts. You absolutely chew through them when in the car en route to customers or out walking the dog.

  1. As a kid, what did you want your job to be?

I never knew, and never have! I do always remember the presenters on Top Gear had a great job though not sure my presenting skills would be any good.

  1. Who is the messiest in the office?

I think most would say me, but Alex’s desk gives me nightmares.

  1. Beer or Wine?

Wine, all day long. Last year I achieved my WSET Level 2 qualification as a bit of fun.

  1. What food do you absolutely hate?

Cockles. Disgusting. I also get PTSD at the sight of Grappa & Sambuca.

  1. What is your favourite sport to play?

I was a very keen rugby player in my youth. These days I play for my local squash team, and I am very much a fair-weather golfer when the days get a bit longer.

  1. What is your best piece of advice?

Beg for forgiveness, not for permission.


If you would like to contact Jack, you can reach him directly on the below: | 01488 658 276
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