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Benincà ‘Proper Job Install’ – February 2024 Winner


Garage Door Solutions Ltd based in Jersey, Channel Islands have been supplying, installing and repairing garage door solutions for over 20 years. To date they have built an enviable reputation for delivering quality installations on time and within budget. Over the years, gate automation has become a major part of their product offering alongside garage doors. They pride themselves on using only the highest quality components and therefore frequently look to Benincà for their gate automation and access control products.

For this project, the homeowner initially called out Garage Door Solutions Ltd to fix their existing electric swing gates that were no longer operational. However, after completing a comprehensive review of the gates, the team at Garage Door Solutions Ltd had to notify the end user a complete overhaul was necessary due to the overall deteriorated state and age of the existing system.



The project’s primary hurdle was the need to entirely replace the wiring throughout the system. Garage Door Solutions Ltd opted for the Benincà DU.350NVE underground motors, specifically designed to power gate leaves up to 3 meters.

If you look closely at the installation image below, you can see Garage Door Solutions Ltd have installed the foundation boxes just slightly above ground level which is best practice. A foundation box positioned just above ground level helps prevent water accumulation around the motor. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the motor and its components. Water ingress can lead to electrical issues, corrosion, and damage to the motor.




The homeowner, aiming for a sleek and sophisticated installation, chose underground motors. Garage Door Solutions Ltd, aligning with the client’s vision, installed the Benincà DU.350NVE underground motors. These motors are celebrated for their heavy-duty capacity, durable construction, safety features, and adjustable stops. Notably, the DU.350NVE boasts an additional layer of uniqueness—the motor and all moving parts are completely submerged in oil for optimal cooling and lubrication. Its robust oversized gearing further enhances its overall performance capabilities.



Floyd McKenzie, the Business Development Manager at Garage Door Solutions Ltd, shared that the customer was beyond satisfied with the results, highlighting the ‘Great Service’ provided throughout the entire project. For those in Jersey seeking more information or contemplating a project, Garage Door Solutions Ltd offers a free site visit that can be booked here. Additionally, their website,, is a comprehensive resource for all relevant information.

Garage Door Solutions Ltd secures a well-deserved spot on our wall of fame for their exceptional swing gate installation. A huge congratulations to the entire team for their commitment to excellence and delivering a ‘Proper Job Install.’

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