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BULL624SE New and Improved

BULL624SE New and Improved

Introducing the new and updated BULL624SE.
Previously known as the BULL624ESA, our sliding gate motor has undergone modifications and is now identified by the new name of BULL624SE.
What is the BULL624SE?

The BULL624SE is a 24v sliding gate motor designed for use in the domestic market. With a capacity of up to 600kg, the low voltage motor gives it an intensive use duty cycle meaning it can be suited to even the busiest of entrances. With an in built control panel and virtual encoder, the BULL624SE provides maximum safety and precision whilst operating making it an ideal motor suited for domestic dwellings.

What is the difference between the BULL624.ESA & the BULL624SE?

Some of the main changes between the BULL624.ESA and the BULL624.SE include:

  • A new horizontal control panel layout has been designed to ease the installation and maintenance process.
  • An Improved switching transformer resulting in a smoother current to the motor, enhancing overall performance.
  • A virtual encoder will now replace the previous, older magnetic encoder.
  • The inclusion of the EXP module, meaning accessories such as the PRO.UP can be facilitated.
  • There is now Ample space under the panel to house 2 x 2.1ah batteries with additional battery backup terminals built in.
  • The new control panel and switching transformer have a lower consumption so that the motor is compliant with regulation 2023/826 which is a European nominative for energy consumption.
  • Our new BULL624 SE model comes with a brand-new design of the foundation plate.
  • The motors on-board receiver can now memorise up to 2,048 transmitters.
  • You can easily link together two motors using the SIS modules.


You can view the BULL624SE here on our website or if you would like to find out more information, please contact our sales team at 01488 658 276 or email them at


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