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ONE.2WB Quick Start Guide

ONE.2WB Quick Start Guide

ONE.2WB Quick Start Guide

What is the ONE.2WB channel receiver?

Our ONE.2WB is a 2-channel boxed 433.92 Mhz radio receiver. Our ONE.2WB is compatible with all Beninca panels & receivers and also has triple coding: Advanced rolling code, Rolling code, and Fixed code. It can also be used as a universal receiver for third-party control panels.

How does the ONE.2WB gate receiver work?

The ONE.2WB functions by the gate transmitters being programmed into one of the two channels on the receiver. These can be adjusted to different settings e.g. latching or pulsing, meaning that you can remotely control the opening and closing of a gate. By pushing a button on your remote a signal is sent back to the receiver which then triggers the control panel into action.

What is a Beninca Quick Start Guide?

Our quick start guides are a shortened, simplistic version of our instruction manual. The aim is to help our installers become familiar with the basics of a product quickly. Our quick start guides will offer clear, step-by-step instructions and essential details, allowing our installers to quickly familiarise themselves with the product’s functionality.

Do you have a Benincà Quick Start Guide for the ONE.2WB channel receiver?

Yes, we have recently created a Quick Start Guide available for the ONE.2WB. You can find this online on our ONE.2WB product page, under downloads, or alternatively click here: ONE.2WB QUICK START GUIDE. This guide covers four different methods for coding our receiver and includes key details with a diagram such as how the unit can be powered.

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