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Our IRI.LAMP is a flashing light as standard but can easily be changed to a fixed courtesy light.

The exclusive IRI.LAMP is set to flashing light as default but can be adjusted with some simple steps to adapt it into a solid, courtesy light. The lamp has a unique design which sets it apart and is available in two options, white and yellow.  

The IRI.LAMP is the only model to manage all power supplies from 20 to 255 V both alternate or direct. The lamp runs off an incredibly low power consumption of 1w, whilst producing an impressive bright light. The lamp also includes a built-in long range ariel as standard.  

Designed with quick and easy installation in mind, the IRI.LAMP is very straightforward to use. It has the flexibility to be mounted on top of a surface, such as a post, or can be wallmounted via a simple adjustment.  



Installing the IRI.LAMP as a flashing light: 

Most commonly installers will incorporate the IRI.LAMP flashing light within installations, to provide a clear signal of when the automated system is in use. The IRI.LAMP will flash as soon as the gates open or close, giving a visual aid to alert anyone close by that the gates are in operation. 


Installing the IRI.LAMP as a courtesy light: 

By adjusting the IRI.LAMP to become a fixed light, the lamp can also be used in situations where customers would like to add courtesy lighting to their system and driveway. 

The IRI.LAMP will not only provide light for practical purposes but also acts as security light, deterring unwanted visitors. 

Adding courtesy lighting can enhance the overall look and design of properties and gives the ‘wow’ factor when guests arrive. You can use them to light up a driveway or to highlight specific features. 


Below are the simple steps you need to take to adjust the IRI.LAMP from flashing to fixed light: 

  • As per the IRI.LAMP datasheet, you will be able to follow the step-by-step instructions to unscrew and open the light casing.
  • Once you have opened the IRI.LAMP, you need to take the circuit board and cut the resistor as highlighted below.
  • By cutting the resistor, the flashing light will then become a fixed light. *Please note this is irreversible.


You can download the IRI.LAMP datasheet below:

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If you do have any questions regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can call us on 01488 658276 or drop us an email at


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