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Understand your compliance responsibilities as an installer or owner of an electric gate.

Quite often we receive calls from the end-user regarding their electric gates, as the product bears the Beninca logo and not that of the installer. We always confirm that Benincà UK do not sell directly to the end-user, as our products are designed specifically for professional gate and security installers. We only sell directly to trade customers, who are backed with product knowledge and have sufficient training.  

We always recommend individuals get in touch with the original installer, or if they do not have those details, we can alternatively recommend an installer local to their area. 

Recently the DHF have issued a document detailing the ‘Compliance responsibilities for powered doors, gates and traffic barriers’ and we found this very beneficial in covering where the responsibilities lie and wanted to summarise the key points: 


Benincà UK’s responsibilities as the component supplier: 

  • All drive units and control panels must be CE/UKCA marked, sold with a Declaration of Incorporation (DOI) and installation manual. 
  • All safety components must meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive and be CE/UKCA marked against the machinery safety legislation. 
  • Benincà UK are not responsible for the compliance of the finished system. 


Installers responsibilities as the manufacturer of the system: 

  • They must ensure that the components they fabricate are suitable for the application and capable of forming a compliant system. 
  • Ensure the complete system is safe and compliant. 
  • They must follow the instructions manuals supplied by the manufacturer (Benincà UK), to assemble and install a compliant system. 
  • Issue a Declaration of Conformity (DOC), operation and maintenance manual and CE/UKCA mark the finished system. 
  • Installers bear complete responsibility for the safety and compliance of the finished system. 


Maintenance company’s responsibilities when servicing: 

  • Assess the system and identify any risks, existing defects and diagnostic work necessary to make a full safety assessment. 
  • Complete all work as requested by the end-user. 
  • Leave the system with safety-critical defects in a safe condition. 
  • Provide the end-user with a complete overview and cover the steps taken to leave the system in a safe condition. 
  • Issue a formal unsafe system notice to the client where there are safety defects. 
  • Maintenance companies are legally responsible and must leave the system in a safe condition. 


Enduser responsibilities as the owner: 

  • Must ensure the manual or powered industrial doors and garage doors they purchase are compliant by requesting a Declaration of Performance (DOP), operation & maintenance manual (O&E), and that the system is CE/UKCA marked. 
  • Must ensure that powered doors, gates and barriers they are purchasing are compliant by requesting a Declaration of Conformity (DOC), operation & maintenance manual (O&E), and that the system is CE/UKCA marked. 
  • Must ensure the system is maintained in accordance with the operation and maintenance manual. – If no O&E exists for the existing system, the owner should either contact the original installer to request one or work with a specialist to design a suitable manual. 
  • Must understand that maintenance companies cannot leave a system in service in a safetycritical condition, regardless of age or date of installation. 
  • Owners are legally responsible for the safety of the systems in use. 


All the above information has been taken from the ‘Compliance responsibilities for powered doors, gates and traffic barriers’ dhf document, which you can download below:

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