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PRODUCT OFFER – BEA LZR-H100 Horizontal laser sensor for barriers.

The BEA LZR-H100 is an impressive alternative to traditional induction loops. Designed for use with rising barriers, the LZR-H100 incorporates laser sensors to detect all types of vehicles and are used to open, secure and/or detect a presence.

Laser technology works according to the principle of time of flight. The sensor sends an intense light impulse in a defined direction and measures the time until the signal returns. As the speed of light is a constant value (approximately 300.000 km/s), this time is directly proportional to the distance between the sensor and the first object encountered by the light impulse.

As a result, and by sending multiple beams in multiple directions (2D or 3D), the sensor is capable of knowing the exact position of any object in its detection area at any given time. By analysing this information over a very short period of time, it is capable of determining the exact shape, speed, and direction of any object.


For one week only we have selected the impressive BEA LZR-H100 to be on offer, allowing customers the opportunity to save an extra £82 off! This is not an offer to be missed! Contact us at 01488 658 276 or email to take advantage and make huge savings on a renowned safety product!


Detection Field


Unique Features:
  1. Comfortable and Targeted Opening

All types of vehicles are detected in the opening field: passenger cars, electrical vehicles, vehicles made of composite materials, trucks with trailers…You can also define the vehicle’s trajectory for targeted opening.

  1. Detection Field

The lasers are capable of covering an extensive field, with the installer able to define the width and depth of the detection zones up to a maximum detection field of 9.9 m x 9.9 m.

  1. Simple Installation

The laser sensors can be installed without any groundwork required. The detection fields are easy and quick to configure but work to provide an unrestricted detection field.

  1. Safety of its users

With a BEA LZR-H100 installed, the barrier only opens when a vehicle is approaching. Pedestrians and parallel traffic in the opening field are screened. The LZR®-H100 also protects vehicles and people that are present in the safety field from contact with the boom.


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