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Understanding our ‘STC System’ Symbol

You may have spotted we quite often refer to a series of symbols via our online content, and also throughout our catalogue. (*The symbols are located at the top left-hand corner of each product page within the catalogue.) The unique symbols are designed to help you identify the key features of each product and ultimately help guide you to choosing the right one.

Today we explain one of those symbols, the STC System……what does it mean?

The STC System is the use of intelligent power control of the motor output on the panel. The dynamic data is obtained through a precise calculation of the thrust. The system is able to locate any critical points and adjust the torque accordingly in relation to the actual requirements.

So next time you run an ‘auto-set’ and see the motors moving independently, rest assured that the STC System is carefully calculating the actual torque requirements required for a smooth and reliable open and close operation.

Pretty clever stuff, and the exact reason why this unique symbol falls under the ‘innovation’ category. Hopefully now in the future, if you spot the STC System symbol you will have a clear understanding of how it works and the benefit it brings to the product’s overall performance.

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