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Benincà ‘Proper Job Install’ – December 2022 Winner

‘Automatic Bollard in Kent, by JB Gate Systems’

 Beninca Proper Job Install December 2022


JB Gate Systems have been installing garage doors in the Southeast area for over 25 years. In addition to their domestic work, JB Gate Systems also undertake various commercial projects, such as industrial gate systems, security barriers, and bollards. The owners of an apartment block in Gillingham, Kent, required this particular bollard installation to secure and restrict access.


The end user specifically requested a rising bollard to provide access control to the main entrance. They wanted quick and convenient entry for tenants. After inspecting the site in question, JB Gate Systems noted a slight slope on the driveway in question, which obviously presented a challenge, as bollards have to be installed completely level. However, the team worked hard to level the surface and overcome this easily. You will also see from the installation images the bollard was installed with a slight raise. This allows for rainwater to run away from the bollard, ensuring the foundation box does not become waterlogged.


JB Gate Systems installed the RISE SPARTACUS Hydraulic Automatic Bollard, with its supreme hydraulic performance of up to 3500 cycles per day, the SPARTACUS was perfect for the job. Installing the 275mm diameter, 600mm tall model the SPARTACUS shows off its sleek and modern design with the built-in LED lights in the cylinder signalling when it’s in use. In the event of a power failure, the SPARTACUS will remain in the raised position, providing maximum security.


JB Gate Systems produced a brilliant installation which completely delivered against the client’s brief of delivering safe and controlled access. Upon completing the project, the end user was extremely happy and delighted with both the quality of SPARTACUS and the overall installation.

A huge congratulations to JB Gate Systems for winning our December Proper Job award. With years of industry experience, JB Gate Systems have built an incredible reputation. Because of this most of their work comes from referral. Find out more about the wide range of services they offer via their website here:

If you would like to find out more information regarding our automatic bollards, take a look here: Hydraulic Automatic Bollards

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