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Benincà ‘Proper Job Install’ – September 2022 Winner

Stunning domestic gates installed in Marlborough, by Shire Gate Co



We have awarded Shire Gate Co. as the winner of this month’s ‘Proper Job’ installation. A family-run business based in Andover, Hampshire. Shire Gate Co has over 28 years of combined industry experience. They are specialists in delivering bespoke gate design, installation, and maintenance. Renowned for enhancing the elegance and luxury of their clients’ properties, the installation that captured our attention was executed in Burbage, Marlborough.

The end user had a set of existing wooden swing gate. However, they grew tired of manually opening and closing them, so they were eager to have new automated swing gates installed for added convenience and security. Shire Gate Co absolutely delivered, upgrading the entrance to include higher fence panels, on either side of brand-new automated swing gates with GSM intercom access control.



Every installation has its challenges. With this particular project, Shire Gate Co had to adjust the levels of the driveway to allow minimal gap underneath the gates whilst catering for the rise which was approx. 200mm. The image below showcases the use of a non-reducing hinge design, which were bespoke to the gates, to deliver superior strength and structure. The non-reducing hinge is also a feature of Shire Gate Co’s gate safety responsibilities, using design to reduce a safety hazard that has been identified. However due to the thickness of the timber, Shire Gate Co felt that a safety risk was still present, so they installed a safety edge for additional protection.




The client decided they wanted underground motors for a tidy and smart installation. The underground motors offered an inconspicuous automation system to enhance the aesthetics of the gate design. Shire Gate Co selected the Benincà DU.IT24NVE underground gate operator. This is ideally suited for gate leaves up to a length of 3.5 meters. They then installed an Optimus E1K GSM Intercom with its sleek single button and keypad. You can observe this in the image below. As photocell’s were not suitable for the rear swing zone, Shire Gates decided to install 2x LD100 ground loop detectors to cover the swing zone and protect it from vehicles, using photocells for the outside and adding GF15.25 safety edges on the hinge gaps.




Whilst delivering a bespoke entrance that meets the customer’s needs aesthetically, Shire Gate Co have also installed a safe gate system. Additionally, the image below shows the use of an enclosure with isolated mains supply with correct and thorough electrical safety notices. There is also a UKCA mark on the control unit in compliance with current gate safety regulations. Shire Gate Co also provided a thorough and detailed handover of the gate system to the client and left the gate owners a formal handover document with DOC certification and an OEM manual of the gate system.


Well done Shire Gate Co for this fantastic install and for winning our September Benincà ‘Proper Job’ Install.

Shire Gate Co specialise in the following:

  • Hardwood and Softwood Gates
  • Steel & Aluminium Gates
  • Composite Gates
  • Steel Framing Fabrication
  • Design & Forging Gate Hinges
  • Gate Automation & Access Control
  • All types of repairs, servicing and general maintenance

If you would like to find more information about Shire Gate Co or get in touch with them, you can find their full details on their website:


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