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All new additions to our Trade Counter!

New Additions to our Showroom

Have you visited our trade counter recently? We now have the MAXIMUM M30 and Spartacus bollards proudly on display, along with the DIVA barrier. We currently have all of these products in stock.

Maximum M30

The new Maximum M30 crash-rated bollard is capable of withstanding the impact of a vehicle of 7,500kg, launched at a speed of 48 km/h, and has secured outstanding certifications. This bollard is ideally suited for high security and sensitive locations. Additionally, to find out more detail about the impressive Maximum M30 bollard, please click here.


The Spartacus bollard guarantees high technical and functional standards. It incorporates hydraulic technology which works to minimise the wear and stress on mechanical components. The Spartacus hydraulic bollard is available in either 200 mm or 275 mm diameter and also two height variations: 600 and 800 mm, we have the 275 mm diameter / 800 mm height version on display. Available in either black graphite or stainless steel, each model in the Spartacus line includes LED systems for visual signalling when in motion and a security system that facilitates unlocking in the event of a power failure. For full details on the brand-new Spartacus bollard, click here.


The DIVA.3 24 Vdc brushless barrier is ideal for continuous use with its integrated control unit, encoder and battery charger. With a switching power supply 115/230 Vac 50/60 Hz which helps reduce energy consumption and ensures a long lifespan of the actuator. The electric motor with brushless technology guarantees the highest performance, reliability, fluid movements and a very long lifespan of the operator, making it the ideal solution in contexts requiring particularly intensive use.

So,why not visit us and see all three of these impressive products for yourself or contact our sales team for any more information. They can be reached via the phone on 01488 658276 or via email at 

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