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‘Benincà’s key feature is, without doubt, the family concept’

Benincà has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the automation industry, with its name being synonymous with high quality and reliable products that are technologically advanced, innovative, and elegant in design.

All products are manufactured and produced in Italy and proudly bear the Benincà family name. The strong family values run deep through the company, its people, and its customers, so everyone feels supported.

Today Benincà has 13 branches spread all over the world, with Benincà UK being one of them. Recently Benincà Group interviewed Jamie Berry, General Manager here at Benincà UK. It’s clear from the interview Jamie has the same passion for making his team an extension of the Benincà family.

“Benincà’s key feature is, without doubt, the family concept. It is reassuring to know there’s always someone ready to support you and this feeds through to the products. The thing you see printed on the products is not simply a logo, it’s the name of a family that has been putting all its passion into what it does over the years so that its customers receive something that is quite unique. Thanks to this we have created a genuine community with our customers where they are an integral part of a project and not just a number. To be even closer to them at this time we are constantly trying to give them an “added value” through new initiatives and we have been working to ensure they feel part of this success. In a way, our customers look after us and we look after them. This is how we build our future”.

You can watch the full interview below:

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