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Get to know the MLS (Magnetic limit switch)


How does a Magnetic Limit Switch (MLS) differ from a Spring Limit Switch?

As standard, our BULL sliding gate motors include a spring limit switch, the spring engages waterproof microswitches to control open and close phases within the control panel. The spring limit switch is activated when the metal paddle on the drive rack pass across the motor.

The simple mechanics work well; however, being a mechanical component, they can sometimes encounter difficulties during adverse weather conditions. Particularly when electric gates are installed in locations that are prone to colder conditions or experience frequent spells of adverse weather.  The spring limit switch can freeze and seize up, causing disruption and malfunctions.

In these situations, we would recommend switching to a magnetic limit switch, which unlike the spring limit switch, is completely non-contact, and therefore won’t encounter the same issues of the part seizing up or becoming stuck. The magnets are housed in bracket fitted to the limit paddles much like the standard spring design and using proximity, they will switch the circuit when passing the magnet mounted on the motor housing.


Why choose to upgrade to a Magnetic limit switch?

  • A magnetic limit switch is non-contact, making them extremely reliable in adverse weather conditions.
  • Easy installation, the MLS has been designed for quick and simple mounting onto Benincà BULL motors.


Did you know we can install the magnetic sensors for you when you purchase a BULL motor?

All our sliding gate motors include a spring limit switch as standard, however if you would like to swap this out and upgrade it to the MLS for a minimal additional cost, we can change this over for you, if we have prior notice and sufficient time.


If you have any questions or you would like to find out more detail regarding either the Spring or Magnetic limit switches we have available, please do give us a call on – 01488 658 276.

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