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Meet the latest Electrical Drop Bolt, ELECTRADROP-R/E for Gates!

Introducing the latest update to the Locinox electric drop bolt lineup, the ELECTRADROP-R/E.

Locinox are continuously redesigning their products and have recently updated its range of electric drop bolts to include the new ELECTRADROP-R and ELECTRADROP-E which boasts significant enhancements to both performance and functionality, compared to the earlier model which is now redundant.



The key features of the new generation of ELECTRADROPS are:

Enhanced Motor Power: Experience improved performance with a more robust engine.

Deeper Locking Mechanism: Now with a 120 mm depth for added security, up from 115 mm.

Doubled Holding Force: Capable of withstanding up to 1,000 kg of pressure.

IP68 Rating: Provides protection against dust and water.

Ground Stop Depth Recognition: Ability to gauge the depth of the ground stop.

Direct Connection: Eliminate the need for an external relay by connecting directly to the low-voltage warning light (12-24V).


At Benincà UK we can supply a choice of 4x models, each available in black or silver finishes:

ELECTRADROP-E* – A motorized drop bolt designed to remain closed during power failures.

ELECTRADROP-R – A motorized drop bolt featuring integrated backup batteries for operation during power outages.

ELECTRADROP-E-P – A motorized drop bolt that stays closed during power failures and offers position feedback capability.

ELECTRADROP-R-P – A motorized drop bolt equipped with integrated backup batteries for use during power outages, along with position feedback capability.


Enhanced Flexibility when installing:

The new generation of drop bolts can be easily connected to a 60W power supply, such as the POWERSTONE, offering seamless installation with a bottom-mounted power supply connection. Additionally, the entire cover of the ELECTRADROP can be detached and painted as needed.

For added flexibility, the new drop bolt can also be horizontally mounted, though it is important to avoid placing it upside down.


If you’d like more information about the Locinox products we stock or to place an order, simply get in touch with our dedicated team. Contact us here!

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