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The importance of adding Finger Keepers to Swing Gates

We always recommend the addition of Finger Keepers to automated swing gates! Fingerkeepers, or also known as Hinge Guards are relatively inexpensive but play a vital role in gate safety. Install Finger Keeper on swing gates to guard the hinge gaps, between the gate edge and post, where there is a potential safety risk. When the swing gates open, they create a gap that could potentially trap fingers and more, hence the name, Finger Keeper.

This simple, yet highly effective product once installed works to prevent finger entrapment and other serious injuries. By installing Finger Keepers you are securing this potentially hazardous area and preventing serious injuries from occurring.

Installing Finger Keepers is very simple; essentially, drill the strip with screws onto the edges of the gate and the post. They are available in 2.1m and 2.5m lengths.

We particularly recommend the addition of Finger Keepers for gate installations that will be in close vicinity of children, whether that be in the residential or commercial site. So ideally all residential swing gate installations would be fitted with Finger Keepers and all commercial installations, especially at schools, and hospitals for example.

You can view the Finger Keeper here on our website: FINGER KEEPER

Key information about the Finger Keeper:
  • Anodised aluminium and EPDM rubber construction
  • Easily removed and re-fitted. Can be retro fitted.
  • Fits butt hinged or centre pivot points.
  • Available in 2100mm or 2500mm (long) versions.
  • Long anticipated lifespan.
  • Low maintenance – wipe clean finish.


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