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Meet SAM: The NEW Articulated Arm Operator for Swing Gates

SAM, the new 24Vdc Articulated Arm Swing Gate Operator.

The SAM Swing Gate Operator is designed for swing gate installations up to 2.5 m, and it is suitable for gates characterized by large pillars.

Compact and versatile

The operator allows you to achieve a distance between the leaf hinge and the surface of the post equal to 280mm, the largest in the market. It has a width of only 170mm, making it ideal for installation on 150mm x 150mm pillars without overhanging. Subsequently, it operates quietly and quickly, whilst opening a 90° leaf in less than 14 seconds, including deceleration.

Easy and quick installation

The built-in control unit, accessible from above, sits on a removable support that simplifies installation and provides quick access to the mechanical stops. This allows the actuator to be installed flush with the floor.

Safety and technical solutions
By fixing the bracket on the leaf in the closed position with the arm completely stretched, the closing lock, integrated in the arm, allows defining the position of the limit switch for the closure and provides increased security against intrusion attempts or resistance to strong winds. The pillar fixing bracket with integrated cable routing makes disassembly and operator maintenance easier.

Power and Energy saving
The control unit features an innovative energy-saving system (ESA+), ensuring standby power consumption below 1 W.

Easy programming and connectivity

Sam integrates seamlessly with KNX home automation systems, courtesy of the X.BE accessory. Installers can program and control SAM remotely using the BeUP app by connecting the PRO.UP interface.

Visit our Newbury, Berkshire premises to experience the brand-new SAM articulated arm operator in our product arena. To schedule a visit with our sales team, please contact us!


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