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VIDEX: The brand-new GSM Cloud.

Videx has just launched the brand-new GSM Cloud Services, a cloud-based management platform for all Videx GSM products. This new offering allows users to manage and program Videx GSM online. Secondly, it is also 4G compatible, working with the full range of 4G GSM modules. is a web-based application that provides a range of features for managing multiple Videx GSM systems. It also acts as a gateway, enabling remote management of these systems from any location with an internet connection using a web browser. The platform allows users to manage and program various settings on their GSM product, including call button destinations, dial-to-open numbers, access codes, and proximity fobs & cards. The system is designed to manage an unlimited number of devices, and multiple users can access it with varying levels of permission. Administrators, managers, and users can be created to offer different access levels to view or change settings. Overall, is a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for managing Videx GSM systems.

The platform could additionally be a great tool for reducing call-out charges to make routine setting changes to the system, as everything can be reviewed and actioned remotely, we would therefore highly recommend customers take a closer look.

Key Features of the GSM Cloud:

  • 4G Compatible
  • Multi-site management
  • Access control management
  • Intuitive programming
  • Events monitoring


For more information, you can download the GSM Cloud Datasheet here.

Alternatively, you can view all the VIDEX products we offer, by clicking the link: VIEW VIDEX PRODUCTS

VIDEX, access anytime, anywhere.

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